Iraq Energy Expo & Conference

Renewable Energy

As the renewable energy industry continues to grow in the world, we are proud to present the ideal gateway to solar energy at Iraq's 7th Energy Fair and Conference from 12 - 10 June 2022 | in Iraq. The exhibition will cover industry pioneers, governments, manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, contractors, traders and partners from around the world. The Ministry of Electricity sponsors the largest event in sustainable and renewable technology in the region. The latest innovations in solar energy and sustainable energy will be highlighted by providing a unique platform for public-private sectors partnerships to develop innovative solutions. The 7th Iraq Energy Exhibition and Congress will be a major platform for the public and private sectors to create deals, build partnerships, review the latest solar technologies, identify current and future projects in the region and market needs, and explore opportunities to participate in solar energy projects and programs.

Terms of reference
  • Cell and module manufacturers
  • Production techniques
  • Materials and accessories
  • PV distributors
  • System providers
  • Energy management
  • Suppliers
  • System installers
  • IPP project developers
  • Innovation solutions
  • Engineering Consulting
  • Research and development companies
  • System integrators
  • Solar water desalination solutions
  • Facilities and municipalities
  • Solar Power parks
  • Solar energy associations
  • Solar power and smart transportation
  • Providers of sustainable solutions
  • Facilities management
  • Climate monitoring institutions
  • Green concept companies
  • Control carbon dioxide emissions
  • ECO Waste management companies
  • Smart Lifestyle Solutions
  • Institutes
  • Innovation, education and smart technology zone
  • Green transportation solutions
  • Green infrastructure development solutions
  • Sustainable infrastructure developers